All she had to do to invite the collective ire of the whole nation was to drag herself all the way to Sydney to watch India’s crucial match against Australia at the SCG. Anushka Sharma’s presence at the semifinal match was considered unlucky for the men in blue. Soon after India’s defeat at the hand’s of Kangaroo internet was flooded with hate messages and tweets holding the PK actor responsible for shame at Sydney. While some tweets were kind of funny, and were meant to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, most of these hate messages were uncalled for and downright nasty. ALSO READ: Anushka Sharma blamed for Team India’s semi-final defeat: How embarrassingly sexist are we?

And that’s when we came across this video where Anushka Sharma is seen responding to the hate messages she received. Mind you this not Sharma’s reaction from real life, but reel life–in fact, her character from her recent production NH 10–has inspired this. Take a look at the video to watch how Sharma reacts to her haters in precisely two words!