When it starts drizzling, you need something to indulge in to comfort you inside out. We share with you this nutritious and equally delicious DIY recipe of Tomato Bisque. You can prepare this soup on your own very effortlessly by following Chef John. The recipe is pretty simple and you will come back for more once you try it.

Whether you call tomato a fruit or a vegetable, no denying that it’s nutritional and great for your health. Tomatoes give you many benefits like healthy skin, strong bones, qualities to fight cancer, control blood sugar level, improve vision and prevent kidney stones.

This is the normal tomato soup’s rich version. You don’t need a whole basket of vine-ripened tomatoes to make delicious tomato bisque. You could always use canned tomatoes. Also, making use of rice makes this soup silky, not starchy. This recipe is a keeper. The unique ingredient used makes it silkier and gives it a great feel in the mouth.

We hope you enjoy this easy Creamy Tomato Soup recipe!