Apple iPhone 6 launched: 9 things you can buy instead of the costly smartphone!

Looking forward to buy Apple’s latest product iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Stop. While the world is gung-ho about its features and specifications, Steve Jobs’ company made many heads roll, as it also launched Apple Watch and Apple Pay alongside the highly anticipated iPhones. The latest iPhone series will be available in variants of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The Cupertino-based company rolled out its latest product in the market on September 9. No offence against people who have made up their minds to buy the high-end phone, but we would want you to consider the other possibilities you can own with Rs 60,000.

In our days, one would have a hard disk drive of 128 GB in a computer, and we were happy with that. Well leave that, it is history.

It is no surprise that Apple’s latest in its kitty will dig a hole in one’s pocket (it always has), is it actually worth to spend to splurge so much money on a smartphone? Oh yes, no or maybe. The phone is now speculated to be above Rs 50, 000 in India and its higher variant may even cross the Rs 60,000 mark. It’s too less to spend na? No. If you were planning to spend on an Apple iPhone we give you some options that you’ll love to spend your hard-earned money. Take a look.

1. iPhone 4 or iPhone 5

If you are a die-hard Apple fan, you need not worry as you still have options to buy an “APPLE” product. The iPhone 5C and 5S will still save a lot of money. The iPhone 5C 16 GB variant is presently priced at Rs 35,000 whereas the iPhone 5C 32 GB variant is valued at 42,000. The earlier version – iPhone 4 is another option to buy. Saving approx Rs 20,000 buying an APPLE product is not a bad idea, is it?

2. Laptops – Dell or HP

Buying a latest mobile in the market maybe your thing but buying a latest laptop in the market would not only boost your izzat in your friends circle but also raise your productivity quotient. Dell Vostro 3546 with impressive specs – 4th Gen Ci5, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, OS- Win8.1, 2 GB Graphics Card; worth Rs 44,000 would be a smart buy. Any high-end HP or Sony product would have a similar cost and saving approx Rs 15,000 would surely make your dad proud!

3. Gaming Consoles – Xbox One or  Playstation 4

Xbox One? Playstation 4? Well you can choose any. Both the gaming consoles would cost you only Rs 40,000. You get a chance to opt between two companies as per your liking, too. If you are an avid gamer, buying a gaming console instead of an iPhone should always be your preference. What’s more? You save Rs 20,000. *wink*

4. 3D TVs- Samsung 3D or Sony 3D

Instead of spending approximately Rs 60,000 for a 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch display when you can spend lesser amount for 32 inches and even better viewing quality. How about spending Rs 40,000 for a 32 inches Full HD, 3D, Smart TV? Be it Sony, Samsung or LG, you surely gonna enjoy the entertainment space with hell lot of features. And don’t forget, you save Rs 20,000 again!

5. Automobiles I – Honda Activa and Suzuki Access

If you like to spend money on a cost-effective basis, buying a Honda Activa or Suzuki Access of approximate worth Rs 50,000 to 55,000 would be a budget buy. An iPhone would surely make your family members and friends in your circle see you with ‘tirchi aankhein’ but buying an Activa or Access wouldn’t. A 125 cc vehicle at your doorstep may add the missing spice in your friends circle and surely help you fetch groceries faster and in an easier manner!

6. Automobiles II – Yamaha or Bajaj or Honda

If you got to add some style to your persona and if Activa is not a cup of your tea, buying a bike would solve that case. If you are more mileage conscious and love to vroooom in your surroundings, you should not look further than this option. A Yamaha, Bajaj or a Honda bike may help you turn few heads around when you pass your college gates. It may also please your parents that “humara ladka faaltu kharche nahi but bike leke aaya hai”.

7. Expensive Watch – Rado or Tissot

If for any reason you have decided that you have to anyhow spend that Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 in your pocket, buying or gifting an expensive watch to your dearest friend, your fiancé, or your better half would be the nicest idea. Imagine the priceless smile your partner would have when you present such an expensive gift!

8. Family Holidays – Make My Trip or Yatra

If spending on materialistic things is not your forte, spending it on an all-out adventurous family trip would give you immense pleasure. Bangkok or Bali, Malaysia or Dubai; any tourist destination is just a click only if you choose to stay away from iPhone. A holiday destination trip would do a world of good to you and your family.

9. Invest in Gold!

If spending money is not of your liking and you chose to save it, the best way is to invest it. A fixed deposit in a bank or buying a gold jewellery for any of your family member would be the nicest idea. Be smart and invest in gold. And like as ‘Achche Din Aa Gaye Hai’ investment would better all the above options.