How does it feel when you are hardly a few meters away from the finish line and someone else wins the race? Or when you have put in all the effort but your colleague walks away with the appreciation? Terrible right? Well, that is exactly what happened to a poor puffin, whose food was snatched away by a sly Arctic skua. The puffin had travelled for over 60 miles to get the food, but it was taken away by the Arctic skua in a matter of seconds! The video, released by BBC Earth from their show Blue Planet II, has a narration by Sir David Attenborough, which makes it very relatable. The video has gone viral with the netizens feeling really sad for the puffin. 

The video released by BBC Earth on November 4 is a clip from their show Blue Planet II. In the clip, a puffin can be seen flying over the ocean with a fish in his mouth. The puffin is chased by an Arctic skua that is trying its best to snatch the food from the puffin, and in the end, manages to do so. The tiny puffin couldn’t fight back much as the skua was not alone. Another skua can be seen flying close to the puffin as the first one snatches the food away from its mouth.

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BBC Earth uploaded the video with the caption: Arctic skuas are the pirates of this coast; stealing the puffin’s catch with speed and stealth#BluePlanet2. Sir David Attenborough’s narration accompanies the video, which makes it all the more relatable. He describes the bird as a father, a fisherman, who was carrying the food back to his kids, known as puffling. This description left people watching the clip teary-eyed, as they wondered what would happen to the kids now that the skua has stolen their food.