Arnab Goswami, Editor-In Chief, Times Now, hosts one of the most aggressive debates on his prime time show News Hour. But the editor has faced fierce criticism in recent times for making his show sensational. It is not just Arnab who’s shouting and yelling to make News Hour an entertaining show but a debate with politicians like Subramanian Swamy also adds spice to it. Mostly, Indians watch Arnab’s News Hour to have some fun at the end of the day rather than for serious news.

A video created by BuzzFeed shows a few Americans who’ve dared to watch the News Hour debate featuring the hilarious arguments between Arnab Goswami and Dr Subramanian Swamy. “You’re ashamed of yourself now. You are asking a question, you liar? You are such a dumbo! Mentally retarded, you are,” are some of the remarks Goswami hears on his own show, on a channel headed by him, made by none other than Dr Subramanian Swamy! (Also read: #ShameOnTimesNow: An absolute embarrassment to the profession of journalism)

The video shows that after watching the so-called hot debate, Americans find it more ridiculous than newsy, and rather sensational. It is a well known fact that stuffing words into his panellists’ mouth is a favourite past-time of Arnab. Bossing over panellists irrespective of their age and status is Arnab’s forte. Ridiculing and interrupting the panellists on his chat show is another hobby, which he loves to indulge in, in a pseudo way.

In the BuzzFeed video, the Americas who watch News Hour are seen ‘enjoying’ it as a TV fiction show and ask: ‘Where is the news?’ This video is yet another signal for Arnab Goswami to study the basic principles of journalism. (Edited by Shweta Parande)

Watch the hilarious response of Americans to Arnab Goswami’s News Hour!