San Francisco: Apple AirPods boast of great sound quality, however, if they do fall out, they are going to be a massive pain to find due to their small size. And not to forget, they are damn expensive too, so losing them is sure to ruin someone’s day.

Playing with the same worry and fear, an artist is now pranking the people of San Francisco, California by placing about 20 life-size AirPod stickers on the streets, trains and other places around the city.

The prankster Pablo Rochat told Mashable, “I see people with AirPods all the time in San Francisco. I got a pair myself recently, and they’re an awkward shape so I drop them occasionally. I see my friends drop them, too. I thought it would be funny just to pretend like everyone’s dropping them.”

For making the stickers, Rochat used some high-resolution AirPod images, a printer, and some sticker paper. Rochat then tweeted pictures and video documenting the whole process:

Rochat said some people definitely found the prank funny while others became annoyed and confused after realizing they were just stickers. He also posted a video of how the prank really unfolded with some people falling for it:

Twitter users had a field day laughing at the prank and hailed Rochat for his creativity while some even berated him for coming up with such a mean prank

Rochat later also invited people to join in the fun and posted a free template on his website for fellow pranksters to print out their own AirPod stickers.

Apple’s AirPod are small white earbuds that start at $159 for the pair.