A lot of movies have been adapted and made from video games, and one of those massively popular games is Assassin’s Creed. This is great news for all fans of the action-adventure video game who have been waiting for this eagerly. Assassin’s Creed has been made into a action movie and the first trailer is has been release by the makers, out on web. Michael Fassbender stars as the main lead along with Marion Cotillard and the movie is slated to hit theatres later this year in the month of December.

Assassin’s creed, the stealth and free running game is the product of gaming giant company Ubisoft. The gaming series has been well received by the public and critics The storyline of the game is set in a fictional history of real world events and depicts the story of centuries-old fight between Assassins and Knight Templar for peace with free will.(Also Read: Inferno Trailer: Tom Hanks & Irrfan Khan race against time to save human race)

The game has earlier been adapted as animated short film and this time Ubisoft Motion Pictures have decided upon the theatrical film adaptation. The live- action film is setup in the same universe as the video games and is scheduled to release on December 21st, as stated on Youtube channel of Jimmy Kennel, where the trailer has been premiered worldwide and is already breaking the internet.

Watch the action filled trailer here:

(main image source: screengrab; youtube.com)