Queensland: A 54-year-old man has become a sensation after he managed to escape a crocodile attack by sticking his thumb in the reptile’s eye. Yes, this really happened.

Craig Dickmann, recently decided to go fishing in a remote part of Northern Australia known as “croc country”, encountered a 9-foot crocodile as he was leaving the beach. The reptile came up from behind him and grabbed on to his thigh, sending shivers down his spine.

“As I’ve turned to go, the first thing I see is its head just come at me. That noise will haunt me forever I think, the sound of the snap of its jaws,” Dickmann was quoted as saying by AFP.

Sounds super scary, right? At this moment in time, most of us might have resorted to shouting or might have made a bad move. But, Dickmann wrestled with the crocodile and stuck his thumb into its eye as far and hard as he could, as the reptile tried to drag him into the water. And thankfully, this method of attack worked.

Recounting his experience, Dickmann said the crocodile’s eye was the only “soft spot” he found on the “bullet-proof” animal. After a few minutes, he said he managed to get on top of the crocodile and pin its jaws shut. The crocodile then eventually moved back into the water.

However, Dickmann suffered a lot of injuries as his skin got ripped from his hands and legs. He is now recovering in a hospital.

Meanwhile, in a view to protect people from such attacks in the future, Queensland’s department of environment week has euthanized the crocodile.