AO Ball Boy

What a poor guy! will be all one who witnesses the unfortunate gut hit could utter. On Day 4 of Australian Open 2015, during the second round singles match between Spanish Feliciano Lopez and Adrian Mannarino of France when Lopez sent a booming 121 mph serve in his opponent’s direction. And suddenly play stopped over something – the 121 mph serve has crashed into the ball boy’s crotch standing behind Mannarino!

Tennis tournaments have the rules for the ball kids not to move while the ball is in play and like a true sport the young teenager stood ground as Lopez’s feisty serve came towards him. Not only he was brave enough to stand and not break rules but he also went on to collect the ball after being hit. But one can understand the level of shooting pain as he left the stadium after the incident.

The match between Lopez and Mannarino, overall were full of moments and hindrances as Adrian Mannnarino retired from the match complaining of exhaustion due to excessive heat in the fourth set. He had won the opening two sets against the 12th seed but retired with Lopez advancing to third round with 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 0-4 win.