Kanhaiya Kumar has been all over the news channels and social media since the incidents that took place in Jawaharlal Nehru University in February this year. The JNU Students Union president faced trial and was given 6-month interim bail after he was taken into judicial custody on the charges of sedition.

Ever since, he has come out on bail and delivered speeches seeking freedom in the administrative block of JNU reaching out to government and people in power, Kanhaiya’s popularity has only reached heights. (Also Read: Kanhaiya Kumar delivers fiery speech in JNU campus, raps Narendra Modi govt)

His famous Azadi speech went viral all over the social media. While some liked and stood along with Kanhaiya, some criticized him as well. We live in a democratic country and so criticism and appreciation has to go hand in hand. However, regardless of the fact ‘who did what’ and the circumstances that followed, this is not an issue that needs to be discussed here. We actually found an interesting video on internet and it has kept us hooked and the repeat mode is ON.

The video goes by the name ‘Azadi Song’. The makers of the video actually composed a song incorporating Kanhaiya’s speech and the track is pleasantly overwhelming. The video of the Azadi Song features Modi dancing, Arnab requesting silence and Smriti Irani controlling traffic – not real ones though. (Also Read: ISIS asked us to infiltrate students’ movement post Kanhaiya Kumar arrest, say Indian terror recruits!)

Basically, the volunteers in the video wore mask of these personalities and portray them in this fun video. The track will keep you hooked for sure with some really good beats and vocals. The makers of the song do deserve applauds for coming up with the soundtrack.

Watch the video for yourself and enjoy the track: