Fathers plays a vital role in up bringing a child and provide their children with all facilities irrespective of his capabilities. A father protects them from all difficulties and they are the strong pillars in our life whom we run to. But every girl is not luckily enough to have such a great and understanding father in her life.

However, women are looked down with social injustices like female foeticide, girl-child abuse, lack of education, early marriage being deep rooted problems in the society.

Here is a video from UNICEF India’s campaign which creates awareness on #ItStartsWitnMe which talks about Baap Vali Baat, an appealing song you cannot miss it! A small gesture for creating awareness and making people understand that daughter’s education is as important as their sons. It’s high time, we all end violence against children and girl marriages without her wish and will. Big thanks to all generous fathers who understand importance of their daughters and educate them, protect them, and respects her.

Watch the video below and a grand salute to all such great fathers who respect his daughter and can do anything just to see her smile.