In a unique incident of its kind, a baby boy was born in Maharashtra with his twin inside him. In the rare case that has shocked people, a child was born with “foetus in foetu” in Mumbra, Thane district. The child then underwent a surgery on July 24 to get the foetus removed. Surgeons successfully removed the seven-centimeter mass which they suspect to be a rare congenital anomaly. The child and the mother are healthy after undergoing the surgery.

According to The Sun, across the world, less than 200 cases have only been reported across the world. Doctors believe it to be malformed parasitic twin found within the body of a living child. Dr Bhavna Thorat, a consulting radiologist at Bilal Hospital in Mumbra said that he had noticed the abnormality when the mother was in her ninth month of pregnancy. Scroll quoted him as saying, “I saw some mass in the baby’s abdomen. The presence of some bones made me curious.” Baby girl born with two torsos, four arms and four legs in India! Watch video of deformed newborn from Bihar who is no more

The boy then underwent some tests which revealed the mass in his abdomen. The radiologist said, “Inside the sac, there was another baby with a head with a well-developed brain. I got to see the lower limbs, and we think that the parasitic twin had grown up to 13 weeks and then stopped.” She said that the rare cases baby on whom the twin grows is called the host baby and the other inside the baby is called the parasitic twin. The boy then underwent an operation at the Titan Hospital in Thane on July 24. The mass sac inside the baby weighed around 150g. According to doctors, the mother had conceived a monozygotic twin and during the development, one of the twins entered the other’s body.