This video of a baby elephant cuddling a tourist, is the most adorable thing that you will come across today. The heart melting video was captured in Thailand at an elephant sanctuary. It shows that a woman sitting on a muddy ground and a cute baby elephant is trying to cosy and personal with the surprised visitor.

The animal is in a playful mood and refuses to sit, clearly a restless sort. It is also clear from the video that it is not the most comfortable seating positions when it moves onto the lower part of the woman’s legs. As she smiles and strokes it playfully, the elephant calf then moves back up to her thighs.

When the woman exclaims a little pain by saying ‘ow’ when the elephant rolls back onto her back, another visitor is then forced to move into offer assistance. The animal rolls forward for another cuddle and sits down on her lap, it is no mood to give up. Then another tourist bends down and pats the calf.

Andrew Way shared the video on YouTube, who said: ‘On my last trip to Thailand I visited an elephant sanctuary and this two-month old baby elephant just made my day. He was so loving and playful and hey how often do you get to have an elephant sitting in your lap?’