A baby elephant was rescued in a village in Tamil Nadu when it fell into a 20 feet ditch. The baby elephant got a new lease of life, thanks to the villagers who rescued the three-month-old calf. A video shared on Twitter shows the baby elephant pacing nervously in the ditch before being rescued out of it. The incident occurred in Paavadaipatti village in Hosur, Tamil Nadu on January 16, 2018. The baby elephant probably got separated from its herd and fell into the deep ditch. Forest Officials came to the aid of the baby elephant and rescued the calf. They took the help of villagers who helped pull the calf safely out from the ditch.

The video of the calf pacing nervously in the ditch was shared on Twitter by the news agency ANI on January 16, 2018. According to News.com.au, villagers heard the cries of the elephant in the morning and gathered around the ditch to investigate. They informed the Forest Department about the peril of the baby elephant and tried to pull the elephant out of the ditch but their efforts were futile. Eventually, a net made of nylon was used to rescue the baby elephant from the ditch. Viral Video of Hundreds of Spider Babies Coming Out of an Egg Sack Will Give You The Creeps

Watch the video here:

According to The Hindu, the forest officials threw the nylon rope net into the ditch and coaxed the elephant to lay down on it and pulled it out successfully. The rescue operation lasted about an hour. As reported by News.com.au, District Forest Officer Deepak said, “At least 25 staff and another 50 volunteers helped in the rescue operation. We were told about the incident early morning and the team soon reached [the] spot and monitored the situation before they finally succeeded in taking out the calf.” The calf was eventually ushered into the Udedurgam Reserve Forest where it finally made its way back to its herd.