In the sweltering heat of May, the only respite we can get is through the massive world of the Internet where recently a video from March has resurfaced which is sure to blossom your working day with pure love. In the video which is currently trending viral, a toddler’s adorable reaction on hearing the violin play for the first time in his life set Twitterati gushing.

The video was shared initially by the baby’s mother, Rachel Audrey, which has now collected over 3 million likes, given the number of times people retweeted it and ABC News even featuring the mother-son duo in one of their news segment. Thomas, the 11-month-old baby can be seen listening transfixed to the music played out by a lady in black and as she strummed across the violin, the toddler, half crawls, half walks up to her and sits at her feet looking up in awe. Amazed but unable to speak yet, Thomas expressed his love for the music by instantly getting up and hugging the musician who broke into a hearty smile.

Watch the videos here:

While one user was bowled over by the hug at the end and gushed, “The hug at the end is just the sweetest purest love oh my gosh” (sic), another saw Thomas making a career in the same as she tweeted, “Precious little one. Baby steps for future virtuoso” (sic) yet another user was pushed enough to gift him a violin as she wrote, “I was gonna say get that man a violin but I’m sure y’all got him on track already” (sic).

Check out Twitter’s reaction here:

Blown by the appreciation she and her baby received, Rachel thanked all the well-wishers and informed them, “Thank-you so much for all the incredibly kind comments about our sweet boy’s reaction to the violin. They made me cry! We really appreciate all the love Yes, we will give him violin lessons when he’s old enough (& piano) XO” (sic).

The video is still breaking the Internet and while we can’t stop watching it on loop, let us know what you think of this video too!