It has been two weeks since SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2: The Conclusion released, but the Bahubali craze is far from over. The latest trends in the Baahubali universe is the morphed pictures of the Baahubali: The Conclusion posters that have become an international phenomenon as Tamil wedding planners have come up with Bahubali inspired wedding posters, and Pakistani fans are making ‘Bahu-ali’ posters, requesting the movie to release in Pakistan. In addition to this craze, there is now a tiger cub in the Nandankan zoo in Odisha named Baahubali! In other words; the Baahubali craze is far from over.

The Prabhas and Rana Daggubati starrer has been unanimously termed the biggest hit movie in Indian cinema and has already crossed the Rs 1000 crore box office target. The Baahubali movie series has transformed from a movie series into a universe and in the world of Marvel and DC Comics, the Bahubali series gave India hope for its own series of sensible and visually enchanting movies and video series. The movie which has concurred hearts everywhere form Indian cities to abroad and the movie’s love and following reached Pakistan as well. But the movie series now has its own special movie poster for its Pakistan release. Named Bahu-ali, the morphed poster has Anushka Shetty donning a half sleeves burkha with hijab and Prabhas is seen with the iconic Islamic cap and the famous beard.

Here is a picture of the Bahu-ali poster


On the other hand, India is taking things to the next level as couples are turning the iconic poster of Anushka and Prabhas for their own wedding receptions. A morphed picture of the movie poster showing a newly married couple replace Anushka and Prabhas has instantly gone viral on WhatsApp and will leave you in splits. While there are people who may argue that this is taking thins too ahead, the couple looks extremely happy in the picture.

Here is a picture of the Baahubali wedding poster!

bahubali wedding

While people showing off their photoshop skills is something we have all delt with, things escalated quickly when a tiger cub was actually named Baahubali in Odisha! This out of the box and an innovative name was given to the baby cub when the zoo authorities at the Nandankan zoo asked the people visiting to chose a name. As a result, the 13-month tiger cub is officially named Baahubali after receiving this suggestion in 1200 of the 2400 votes by the tourists visiting the Odisha zoo. As we marvel at these sections of news, it is evident that the next generation may as well have many Mahendras, Amarendras, Bahubalis, Devasenas and maybe even Kattappas! All we can do is wait for this unique generation. Jai Mahishmati!