Actresses in Bollywood, as well as the Indian film industry, have had to face various hurdles in addition to the basic pay gap, sexist roles and the sparse opportunity of actually doing sensible movies. One of the most daunting problems that actresses have faced in India has to be misbehaving men. Whether they are co-actors, junior artists or even fans, women in the movie industry have had a tough time keeping the creeps away. This was exactly what happened on the sets of a movie when Bahubali actress Scarlett Wilson allegedly endured the tantrums of a co-actor. When Umakant Rai made lewd gestures and tried touching her hair, the actress retorted by lashing out on the co-actor and slapping him! Masturbation on Trains, Flights, Streets and Everywhere: The Sick New Horror for Women in India

The video of this encounter hit the internet and instantly went viral as people interpreted exactly what had happened as per the video which showed Scarlett slapping Umakant and the actor being taken away from the sets. Scarlett Wilson was shooting for an item number in the upcoming Bollywood movie, Hansa – Ek Sanyog when the incident took place. The beautiful actress was a part ‘Manohari’ song from Baahubali: The Beginning and has also appeared in several Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films. The shocking video shows the sad reality of the Indian movie industry. However, this is not the first time that such an incident has occurred in the movie industry. Here is a list of four other actresses who were harassed by fans, actors, or men in general!

Watch the video of Scarlett Wilson slapping her co-actor

1. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma recently called out at a fan who was misbehaving at an award show! The video of Anushka becoming all feisty and calling out the fan who allegedly passed lewd comments at the actress. While talking to the press, Anushka noticed a fan misbehaving and fired up on the man as reported recorded the entire incident. Anushka was seen cutting out a question as she yelled at a fan, “Pagal hai, kya kar raha hai.” (Are you mad, what are you doing?) and went on to complain as she said, “he is misbehaving.” This incident made it clear that Anushka does not take lewd comments and remarks from anyone anywhere!

2. Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor

Actress Kareena Kapoor has been known for being outspoken and shutting down trolls as well as fans. However, the actress has been making it a point to shut down misbehaving fans as well as actors since forever! While Kareena Kapoor has been mobbed and lashed out at fans for it several times, the actress was allegedly groped by a junior artist during the shooting of Satyagraha. According to a Times of India report, the actress was groped during the making of the movie!

3. Gauhar Khan

The viral video of Gauhar Khan being slapped on live television is still fresh in the mind of many. The incident occurred back in 2014 in the India’s Raw Star shoot. The actress was slapped for allegedly wearing a short and revealing dress and spoke about the entire controversy and called out the abuser. This was one of the most shocking cases of assault by a fan captured on camera and received a lot of spat online!

4. Swara Bhaskar

swara bhasker

Swara Bhaskar has been one of the most outspoken and bold actresses in the recent times. The phenomenal star made some shocking revelations in an interview as she confessed to being groped during the shooting of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and also recollected the time when she hit a man who masturbated at her. The actress has said that these incidents have played a key role in making her who she is and helped her portray various challenging roles including that of a victim of sexual assault and molestation in Anarkali of Aarah.

All these incidents and assaults on actresses go on to highlight the sad state of safety for women, who may be superstars but are still extremely unsafe. While the recent incident of Scarlett Wilson highlighted this crucial issue once again, and the actress’ response clearly shows that she knows how to shut people down. It is high time that women’s safety was taken seriously, and strict laws against such assaulters as well as abusers came into play.