Unless you are going on a fun spin in your car on a highway and all you need is just a couple of feet tapping beats with Mika Singh’s characteristic touch to it you shouldn’t be playing this number- Shake that booty from Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya.

Shake That Booty-how incredibly (un) original is that! While Sunny Leone is seen shaking her bum to justify the lyrics and Mika goes-twerk, twerk,twerk…to introduce the act involving sexually provocative hip thrusting movements to his fans.

And then you get Ganesh Acharya to add more beats to the track, but sadly this song gets reduced to a visual trauma that involves Sunny shaking her pert bum clad in a shimmery outfit or shocking-pink hot pants (take your pick!), Mika Singh pinching his ‘moobs’ and some half-naked men gyrating around the hottie. Watch it (entirely on your own risk) and give your take on the same.