There have been many events that are happening in India right now. Here is a satire on many of those events. Whether it is jokes on Narendra Modi and his trip to America (finally) or his speech on Mangalyaan’s successful mission or even all the Bang Bang dares on Youtube by Bollywood celebrities, you can laugh at them all.

It might feel like the video has no focal point, especially when the narrator digresses and also keeping in mind that the whole video has very little significance vis-a-vis the topic. Yes! Don’t go by the name of the video. There is very little connection with Bang Bang, except when the video shows all the Bollywood actors and actresses do the bang Bang dare.

What are the good points of the video? Bilawal Bhutto and Rahul Gandhi jokes… (Now where did they come in?) Also, there is a funny caricature on the Mars mission of Aliens holding the picture of a barren Mars, when when there is an entire civilization behind them. To continue with the Mars trend there is also a joke on Kareena Kapoor.

Watch the ‘funny’ video here. Also, don’t miss the narrator calling the original ‘Bang Bang’ Day and (K)Night instead of Knight and Day. Oh, by the way the video is by The Satya Show.