Dhaka: How far can you go to pass an examination? Well, recently, a Bangladeshi politician took cheating in exams to a whole new level!

Tamanna Nusrat, a member of Parliament in Bangladesh has been expelled out of the country’s Open University after she allegedly recruited lookalikes to take exams on her behalf. She allegedly paid not one, not two, but eight lookalikes to take her exams.

Nusrat, an MP for the governing Awami League, had enrolled on a BA course at the Bangladesh Open University.

The ‘cheating’ case emerged after a private broadcaster Nagorik TV entered an exam hall to confront one of the women posing as Nusrat, in a video which has now gone viral. The channel claims that the MP has not attended any of the 13 exams that were held over the four terms of her course.

After this scandal, Bangladesh Open University head, Prof. MA Mannan has expelled Nusrat, saying that she has committed a crime and she will never be able to get admitted at the University again.

A college official allegedly told AFP that the ”lookalikes were guarded by the MP’s musclemen if they sat for the evaluations. Everybody understood it nobody uttered a word since she’s from a really powerful family”.

Nusrat was elected as an MP in February under Bangladesh laws that allocate several seats for women in Parliament. Cheating and leaking of question papers ahead of exams are common in Bangladesh.