US President Barack Obama was heckled during his speech at the White House LGBT Pride event. Obama was half-way through his speech when he was rudely interrupted by one of the invited LGBT member. She started yelling at Obama, demanding him to immediately stop the deportation of transsexual immigrants. (READ: Barack Obama heckled at White House LGBT event)

The LGBT activist was later identified as Jennicet Gutierrez, an undocumented trans Mexican immigrant. Obama was visibly pissed off at the interruption. He didn’t tolerate being heckled and warned the activist to either maintain silence or being marshaled out.

“Your at my house. Its not respectful when you get invited by someone…you won’t get a good response by interrupting me. Shame on you”.While Obama’s reaction was heavily cheered by the gathering, the heckler, Gutiérrez was extremely booed. She was subsequently removed by the security.