The laws of gun control in the United States of America (USA) has come for much scrutiny over the years. There are several cases of teenagers taking to arms and running amok in their school premises. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting still lingers fresh in people’s memory. There were 20 lives that were lost in the process and the police records prove that there are no signs of these gruesome incidents slowing down. Last year, Dylan Roof, a 20-year-0ld walked inside a Church and fired away at civilians in an attempt to perpetrate race war. (Also Read: Barack Obama’s gun control measures lambasted by US Republicans)

The scene shifts to the White House and US president is addressing the issue of gun violence. He gives a passionate speech, and in what was a rare display of emotion, has tears streaming down his cheeks as admits to the gun laws in the States proving to be fatal for its fellow citizens. Obama’s emotionally charged speech had references to Martin Luther King Jr, he said, “We do have to feel a sense of urgency about it. In Dr. King’s words, we need to feel the fierce urgency of now, because people are dying,”. He also blasted the gun lobby of America for playing by their own rules, neglecting the safety of its people. Obama added, “And the constant excuses for inaction no longer do. The gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now, but they can’t hold America hostage,” he said. Watch the video below: