Barack Obama may no longer be the President of the United States but he still rules people’s hearts and especially Time Magazine’s. The former president has been pictured on the cover of the iconic magazine at least 29 times and named its “Person of the Year” twice. President Donald Trump had already bit a bit too much when he tweeted that he “passed” on the offer of being Time’s Person of the Year. He received the accolade last year. However, Pete Souza, Barack Obama’s ex-White House photographer couldn’t help taking a jibe at the current President and trolled him by sharing a collage of Barack Obama’s cover photo for Times and shared it on the Instagram with the caption, “Someone has a lot of catching up to do.” Pete Souza showcased 15 of Obama’s covers, including one of former First Lady Michelle Obama. This is not the first time that Pete Souza has taken jibes at Donald Trump but we must say this is probably one of his best efforts.

The snarky post was put up on Saturday, a day after Donald Trump claimed that he rejected Time magazine’s expected offer of “Person of the Year” honour. Time magazine has come out in the open to clarify that this is not how the “Person of the Year” is chosen and they did not “offer” Donald Trump to receive the accolade. They maintained that the President is incorrect on how they choose the Person of the Year and the magazine does not comment on their choice until publication, which is December 6. Donald Trump has since then been trolled on social media for his audacity. Barack Obama Photographer Pete Souza Reminds Donald Trump The Correct Behaviour For A President In His Instagram Post

Pete Souza’s Instagram post

Donald Trump’s tweet on the Person of the Year Honour

Time Magazine’s Reply

Other than common people celebrities like Andy Murray, Patricia Arquette trolled Donald Trump and pointed out that they were named “Person of the Year” in 2006 but never had to do an interview or a photo shoot as the President claimed. Apparently, there is a fake Time magazine cover featuring Donald Trump which hangs in his golf clubs.

Patricia Arquette has a good suggestion

How to ruffle Donald Trump’s feathers

Bill Shea bursts the bubble about interview and photoshoot

Andy Murray took a dig at Donald Trump

The fake Time magazine cover featuring Donald Trump that hangs in some of his properties

Donald Trump is obsessed with Time magazine

Donald Trump was named “Person of the Year” in 2016 and has appeared on the magazine cover 14 times. However, most of his covers show him in an unflattering light with one issue labeling him as a bully, showman, and party crasher. Donald Trump was heartily trolled on social media for his tweet.

The Time magazine’s editors are the ones responsible for selecting Person of the Year but the publication offers an online poll where people can vote for their own pick. For this year, Donald Trump has only 5 percent votes whereas Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman leads the poll with 20 percent votes.