For a while, Marvel has been kicking DC’s ass in the superhero genre having released 10 films with the likes of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, which includes a diverse cinematic universe that will culminate its phase 2 with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Meanwhile, DC only has one movie in the genre – Man of Steel (the earlier Nolan Batman series doesn’t belong to the same DC cinematic universe. However, all that seems set to change with the Batman VS Superman saga which will also see the likes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman finally appear in a movie.

While Zack Synder has proved his directional chops with Man of Steel and Watchmen, he does some times tend to go overboard like he did in 300. The new trailer has a very dark theme with the world not really sure how to respond to Superman. Seriously, how do you react to the fact that one single man has the capacity to destroy the world if he chose to? [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer leaked online! (Watch it here)]

The trailer shows a huge statue of Superman with the words ‘False God’ spray-painted on it, showing that not everyone is that happy with a man that powerful amid them. In some ways, Superman’s farm dad Jonathon Kent was right – and people fear what they don’t understand. The most telling sign of Superman’s rise to power is the group of armed guards bending down before him, with ‘House of El’s’ S insignia on their shoulder. Why does Superman need guards? We also get a look at the new Batsuit which looks more solid than anything we’ve ever seen Christopher Nolan’s Batman wear. Sadly, the trailer had no signs of Jesse Eisengberg’s Lex Luthor, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman or Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. And at the end of the trailer, you are still left wondering how a mere mortal like Batman will face-off against the obvious god-like powers of Superman?