Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just upped the ante and took the competition to another level. Your chance Captain America: Civil War! You have to watch the second official trailer of the new Batman vs Superman film that will make you crave 2016 came sooner than expected. Yes, Gal Gadot shows us her skills in the new official trailer of the superhero flick.

In a world where Superman is apparently a hated villain and Batman is still going on with his duties because Gotham is still a corrupt state, the two alter egos meet at a social event. Clark Kent is present at a VIP event to report for The Daily Planet where Bruce Wayne arrives. We have to say, his version of Clark Kent is much more aggressive than the films that were made with Christopher Reeve. Kent was just a major klutz back then. [Also Watch: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice new sneak peek video

Both exchange pot shots on how their alter egos are hypocritically made into heroes despite being reported for the security threats they pose to the world. It is unclear why Superman doesn’t kill Batman because he can easily do that. Superman never kills anybody but he started doing that when he killed General Zod so he could certainly get rid of a fatter Batman than Christian Bale. Well, he is saved by Wonder Woman in the end of the trailer and more than one being from Krypton are present on Earth. Watch the trailer below to feel the anxiety for the film which releases on March 23rd, 2016.