A few days back a BBC reporter took the internet by storm when his little children video bombed the live interview. The BBC interview guy instantly went viral as people could not stop laughing at the adorable and cute incident which highlighted the problems faced while working from home. BBC News brought back the dad from the viral interview, and this time he was accompanied by his wife and children for an interview about the amusing incident that brought them to fame. Professor Robert Kelly was talking about the state of events in South Korea when his children walked into the room he had forgotten to lock. The video has since been seen worldwide and made millions laugh at the turn of events.

Professor Robert Kelly is back at BBC News for an exclusive interview, this time he was accompanied by his wife and kids who brought him instant internet fame. The Professor spoke about his experience and revealed exactly what happened. Professor Kelly said that he completely understood why people found it funny to catch a regular family off guard. And Professor Kelly’s wife, Kim Jung-A, also spoke about the incident and said that the family had laughed a lot looking back at the video. BBC interview gets interrupted by kids, the hilarious viral video is breaking the internet (Watch)

Profesor Kelly also addressed the issue when people assumed Kim Jung-A to be his nanny and not his wife and said that it was pretty uncomfortable that people made that assumption. However, Kim Jung-A said that they preferred not getting into an argument about the incident and let the joke pass. The family also spoke about how they were scared that they had blown the chance of coming back on BBC because of the first fiasco.

However, the best part of this interview was when Professor Kelly was asked if he did not get up from his chair as he was wearing pyjamas or nothing at all. To this, the professor actually raised his legs and revealed how he was wearing pants! The Professor could not stop praising his wife and said that she deserved a medal for taking care of him as well as his two children.

When the original video went viral, it also stirred a debate on racism as most people assumed that the Asian woman in the video, Kim Jung-A, was the professor’s helper or nanny and ruled out the option of her being his wife. This heartwarming video of the family speaks tonnes for diversity and finally puts an end to the long going debate!