BBC news anchor Ben Brown was caught live on TV in an unexplainable bizarre situation. Not an ideal act by the presenter received a perfect response. The BBC presenter was captured touching a woman’s breasts, who had gatecrashed while Ben Brown was halfway through an interview. The video showed BBC journalist extensively discussing with the British news network’s assistant political editor Norman Smith when a woman entered the frame. In order to brush the lady aside, Ben ‘groped’ her right boob, only to get slapped by her a fraction of a second later.

The shocking incident took place when Ben Brown was accompanied by the assistant political editor Norman Smith. The two men were discussing the launch of the Labour Party election manifesto in Bradford when a female passerby suddenly walked in to stand in between them. Flashing thumbs up to sign, the lady is heard saying: “Absolutely fantastic.” She seemed quite ecstatic to be on the live TV, but the BBC presenter definitely was in no mood to entertain the uninvited guest on his show.

Ben is seen brushing aside the woman, but in his attempt to do so, he is seen groping her right breast. It is highly unlikely of the person who is moving another person from the frame do it by touching the breast. Definitely hurt by the sudden reaction, the woman then unleashed her anger by hitting Ben Brown and walking away muttering about the unintentional grope.

The video quickly went viral on the social media with people questioning the intent of the journalist. Ben Brown faced major flak for his action. The BBC guy gave an explanation by posting on his micro-blogging account by tweeting: “Unfortunate interruption of broadcast in Bradford – just tried to minimise disruption but v tricky live on air – completely unintentional.” Nevertheless, the accidental ‘unintentional’ grope is still drawing a massive reaction from all quarters.