Paris: In an event that has perplexed authorities in France, packages of cocaine continue to mysteriously wash up along the country’s Atlantic coast, with more than 1,000 kilograms discovered since mid-October.

Fearing a health risk,  beaches in southwest France along the Atlantic coast have now been shut down to deter people from trying to get their hands on the drugs. According to the prosecutor’s office in the western city of Rennes, the cocaine found on the beach is particularly pure, therefore more dangerous and also more expensive.

Cops have also urged people not to touch any suspicious packages and to call the police, if they come across any.

“We fear that people will try and find these products and use them — which is incredibly dangerous — and that traffickers or would-be traffickers will say ‘we can make some money here’,” Philippe Astruc, the prosecutor in the western city of Rennes, told AFP.

Authorities have so far recovered 1,920 pounds of drugs with a street value that could be worth millions of dollars.

Puzzled by the mysterious happening, police have now launched an investigation into where these illicit substances could have come from. Investigators have teamed up with European authorities and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to find out the source of these drugs.

Rennes public prosecutor Philippe Astruc believes it is likely the drugs came from South America.

Transporting drugs such as cocaine can land an individual with a 10-year jail term in France.