New Delhi: As India is fighting one of its deadliest battles against pollution and its politicians are engaged in an acerbic fight, another city and its leaders have managed to surprise us.

Italian city Venice is seeing the worst flood in the last 50 years. But its council members, it seems, are pretty okay about this. Minutes before the office of the city council got flooded, the council rejected amendment suggested by the centre-left Democratic party. The photos of the room with chairs floating in the flood water have gone viral on social media. It seems, the members didn’t even care to take their minutes from the meeting. Some papers can be seen lying on the conference table.

Andrea Zanoni, the Democratic party’s deputy chairman of the council’s environment committee, wrote on Facebook: “Ironically, the chamber was flooded two minutes after the majority parties rejected our proposals to tackle climate change.”

“There is no more meaningful image than a chamber being flooded, causing the representatives of the Venetian people to flee, to illustrate all the inconsistency and political nullity of a current miserable administrative led by the League, Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia,” he added.

The council was proposing funding for renewable sources, for electric columns, for the replacement of diesel buses with other more efficient and less polluting etc.

Venice is flood-prone as the city is built on a shallow lagoon. But even then, this time it has been an emergency as a tide of more than six feet surged in from the Adriatic Sea and covered 85 per cent of the city. In 1966, a similar flood hit the city. Climate change has been blamed for this flooding, but the city council, it seems, thinks it’s a secret.