Every Indian Husband In The World

Does every Indian husband cheat on his wife? We don’t think so! But this viral video of Being Indian seems to be saying that! Well, the entire video is not about that point, of course, just a part of it which shows the husband trying to hide that his business trip is to Bangkok. And when the wife’s reacts having found the, ahem, ‘Bangkok Pics’ folder, he doesn’t know how to react himself! It’s not clear whether those Bangkok pictures are from any of those infamous sleazy massage parlours or not. But heck, Being Indian assumes in their video titled Every Indian Husband In The World that Indian patis are made of such fickle material.

But some of the cliches they have used in the video are definitely what we see quite often. So whether it is despising the mother-in-law or being fond of his sister-in-law, it has been seen before. Also, the usual forgetting anniversaries and birthdays thing stands.

But the other things like not helping the wifey at home or not fasting with her on Karwa Chauth, or also scratching his jewels and picking his nose, are something which might not be true for today’s modern men. So watching this video definitely makes us wonder: Is Every Indian Husband In The World like this? Watch the video and tell us!