Indian fans will fondly remember the dismissal of Inzamam-ul-Haq in a tense contest back in 2005. Most cricket fans probably witnessed a decision that was rather unusual and threw people off guard. The ball was being thrown at the stumps, where Inzamam was standing but stroked it away with his bat. The umpires gave him out for obstructing the field. A similar incident took place in the 3rd One-Day-International (ODI) at Lord’s involving England and Australia.

Australia scored an imposing 310 to bat but England gave them a fight and Ben Stokes, along with skipper Eoin Morgan were keeping the home side in the hunt. On came a game changing decision, which has already caught the ire of plenty of cricket fans across the globe and has come for immense scrutiny. Stokes took a couple of steps down the wicket to a Mitchell Starc delivery and the ball was hit straight back to the bowler.

Spotting the fact that the batsman was out of his crease, the bowler has a shy at the stumps, flinging the ball back. Stokes had to take evasive action with the ball not being far away from him and had to make up his mind within a fraction of a second. While trying to get his bat back to the popping crease, the ball hits Stokes’ outstretched other arm. There was an appeal and the on-field umpires, after a brief chat gave it out, much to the bemusement of the home side and their partisan support. The English roundly booed the Aussies for the rest of the game and the dismissal had a bearing on the game as Australia went on to defeat their old rivals by 62 runs. Watch the video below: