A Bengaluru resident named Pramod Kumar had a horrific morning when he found a five feet long cobra snake in his toilet bowl. The massive snake curled up his toilet at his residence. Soon after that, Kumar informed a wildlife volunteer team, who sent an employee identified as Rajesh Kumar to take the snake out of the toilet pot. Now, the video of rescuing the cobra has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, Rajesh can be seen trying to pull out the reptile with a tool after he failed to take it out with the bare hands. The rescued cobra was put in a bag and was released into the wild. The incident took place on June 9 at JP Nagar 7th Phase.

Watch the viral video here:

The video has garnered over one million views, 696 likes and 1,364 shares on Facebook. One user wrote, “That’s what happens when you don’t clean your toilet.” while the other commented, “Snake’s pool party.”

Snakes are found in mountains, rain forests, deserts, rainforests and even in seas. They can become 30-feet-long and live to be almost two decades old. Snakes are often persecuted, feared and killed because the notoriety they have achieved in popular culture and through the Adam and Eve Parable in the Holy Bible. However, snakes are flight animals which mean that their first response to danger and humans is to flee and not to stay behind and defend themselves as is the case with fight animals. Many exhibitions and demonstrations are being organized around the world today to help people understand snakes more as they are mysterious, powerful, docile and full of attitude.