As per the Supreme Court’s 2016’s order, National Anthem at cinema halls needs to be compulsorily played before the commencement of any film. The judgement instilled a sense of national identity, integrity and constitutional patriotism. However, in January 2018 the Supreme Court modified the order that playing National Anthem before screening movies is not mandatory. It also added that if a cinema hall decides to play the National Anthem before the screening, the patrons have to mandatorily stand up and show respect. The differently-abled are exempted from this rule, though.

Bengaluru police on Wednesday, May 8, arrested 29-year-old man after he refused to stand up while the national anthem was playing at the INOX multiplex in Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Bengaluru. Jithin Chand, who had returned from Australia, had gone to watch the Hollywood blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, where he refused to stand up for the national anthem that was played before the show.

In a Twitter post, the resident of Sanjaynagar, wrote about being attacked by a mob at an INOX movie theatre after he had remained seated during the anthem. “I was assaulted and harassed by thugs at an INOX Movies theatre,” he wrote. In another statement on Reddit, Jithin described being physically assaulted by several other movie-goers, who then began to incite the crowd against him. “Thugs in front of me start a fight with me unprovoked because I did not stand up for the national anthem. I get hit on the face and they incite a crowd against me,” the post reads.

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Jithin Chand was later released on bail. While sharing the experience, he also hit out at the multiplex for not standing up for him when he was beaten.