In this modern era of the internet and social media, we come across many innovative posters and tweets regarding the road safety. Now, after deploying Yamaraja, Bengaluru traffic police has now hired Lord Ganesha to spread an important message. This time, the man dressed as the Hindu God, distributed helmets to people and also handed over roses. He also told riders the dangers of traffic violations and requested them to abide by the rules.

By this initiative, the Bengaluru traffic police wanted to tell people that death can be very near if they don’t follow traffic rules. The cops have adopted many creative methods to create awareness among people. A couple of days back, they did street plays and were appreciated by locals. Not only this, they also became the talking topic on social media.

Have a look at the tweet:

Earlier, a theatre artist, Veeresh Muttinamath, dressed as Yamaraja created awareness regarding traffic rules. He was even felicitated for his contribution and was rewarded Rs 10,000.

If you go through the official Twitter handle of Bengaluru traffic police, you will see that in order to reach young generation, they had tweets related to popular sitcoms and web series.

It is not only Bengaluru police but Mumbai police has also tweeted many funny memes related to road safety. Lately, Assam Police used Shah Rukh Khan’s signature pose to make people understand the traffic rules.

The tweet even caught the superstar’s attention who stated that ‘it is the best message the pose has conveyed’.