How about you sitting on a toilet seat and suddenly a rodent climbs? Hell no! It is easily the scariest thing one can imagine while pooping. But it can turn true, yes, a rat can climb through your toilet and that too with ease.  Also Read- Rat colony breaks free on Air India flight, grounds plane.

Here is a National Geographic video that explains how a rat can climb through a drainage system up into our toilets. The video gives insights into how rat’s body is designed to squeeze through tightest of the spaces. Rats are great swimmers too thus there is no stopping them. They can propel through the water present in drains and pipes and surmount in no time. Rats have an incredible stamina that allows them to tread water for three days. Not only this, rats can also hold their breath under water for up to three minutes.  Also Read- Gigantic rats to become a reality soon.

Check out the video and see how quickly a rat can enter your toilet from the drainage system. All we can say is, be careful while sitting on a toilet seat! (Feature Image: National Geographic/YouTube).