Bhai Dooj (Tikka 2019) TikTok Videos: A festival which we wait for a long time after Diwali to celebrate with our siblings is almost here. Bhai Dooj becomes the best possible day to tease our brothers and sisters and celebrate the strong bond. It is the day to protect sisters and show them the love which we hardly do. But while we are having fun preparing for this cheerful occasion, what’s better than TikTok to lighten the mood and pull each other’s leg.

Bhai Dooj is on October 29 this year, and we are all set to celebrate it with the Chinese video-creating app. has curated a list of Bhai Dooj songs and music for you all to make videos on TikTok. Most of them are funny and some are emotional.

Go ahead, and pick the best song for you and your partner in crime:

Bhai Dooj or Bhai Phonta — the ritual that follows Diwali in many parts of the country is not just a holiday. It’s an auspicious occasion for brothers and sisters, carrying the same significance as that of Raksha Bandhan: the sister protects the brother from all evils by her symbolic tilak (in Bhai Dooj ), thread (in Raksha Bandhan). In return, the brother takes a pledge to protect his sister. It’s also celebrated as Yama Dwitiya in the southern parts of India.