Today, February 7, marks the beginning of the much-awaited Valentine’s week. On the Rose Day, couple’s express their love by giving roses to each other. While there are many who believe that they do not need one day to celebrate their love, nevertheless, there are many who look forward to this occasion and spend quality time with their loved one. Roses, as we know, has always been associated with the gesture of showcasing of love and respect.

Even our favourite Bhojpuri stars have given us many songs to celebrate this day. From Khesari Lal YadavAkshara Singh to Rani ChatterjeePawan Singh to Monalisa, their songs definitely give us the cue to celebrate this day of love.

The songs have been trending on YouTube and have received millions of views and likes by their fans.

Have a look at the songs:

Many do not know that different colours of roses are associated with different meaning. For example, Lavender rose can be given to someone whom you loved at first sight whereas yellow rose is associated with friendship. A pink rose is presented to show your admiration for the person. So you can wish rose day with the ideal rose colour which can define your relationship. Happy Rose day to all.