Bhojpuri star Khesari Lal Yadav got evicted this week from the controversial show Bigg Boss 13 and it was rather a shocking elimination that took his fans by shock. His elimination came as a surprise for all the housemates and some even got emotional. Soon after the eviction, his fans showed support and called the decision ‘unfair’.

During an interview with Times of India, he revealed that Siddharth Shukla tortured him with his aggressive and annoying antics. However, when he understood Khesari, he toned down and realised his mistake. Khesari said, “For two weeks he tortured me a lot. It affected me. He created a lot of problems. He used to make faces and became a torturing machine. In the third week, he tried to understand me and we were bonding. He realised his mistake and was hurt the most when I got evicted.”

Talking about his experience inside the house, he revealed, “I had a bad experience. The show’s format didn’t suit me. The humans turned devil in the house. They felt only abusing each others would give them prominence in the show. I can’t live a life like that. I can’t get into unnecessary fights and abuse others.”

Regarding his sudden elimination, he said, “If elimination was happening over audience poll, Himanshi would get evicted. As an entertainer, my fans would have taken me till finale.”

Earlier, before entering the show, he spoke about his strategy and said, “I will never change my ideologies for anyone. I will go with dignity and come back with dignity. I will never hurt anyone to win the show. I don’t want to come across in a wrong light that after the show, I don’t even get work offers.”

He had also revealed the reason behind entering and show and said, “Bigg Boss is such a popular show that it will help me increase my national and international reach. I am here to stay and so want to broaden my horizons. Bhojpuri industry is my motherland, and I would keep doing more regional films. But I also want to reach out to a bigger audience.”