Bigg Boss 13’s high-octane drama has no stopping. Recently, Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli had a dirty fight where the latter has hit the former with a frying pan. As a result, the ex-couple was locked inside the cage as a punishment from Bigg Boss. Actor and Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan, who is an avid follower of the show, slammed Madhurima for hitting Vishal with a frying pan. Taking to Twitter, she has stated that she is a violent person and she deserves to be eliminated from the show.

She tweeted, “Violence , hinsa , is never a neechee mamla! That’s the reason for domestic abuse ! Happens behind closed doors ! #Madhurima is a violent person , if the man had done the same thing , would it still be a neechee mamla?? Deserves to be out !”(sic)

In a separate tweet, she defended Vishal and said that if throwing water is violence then every person in the house should be punished as contestants resort to extreme measures during the task. She tweeted, “If throwing water is violence then every person in tasks should be given punishment! If both kept it to throwing water n got punishment that would be ok ! But smashing someone’s behind with a metal pan n getting the same punishment as throwing water, is not done #madhurima.” (sic)

It all started when Rashami Desai asked Vishal to make tea for them but he denied to make it for Madhurima. She got upset with his behaviour and started teasing him by calling him ‘behenji’. Vishal asked Madhurima to stop calling him that but she did not stop. Then, he threw water on her and she did the same. Later, Madhurima lost her cool and hits Vishal with a frying pan multiple times until and unless the pan breaks down. They even run behind each other and constantly keep poking. However, the inmates come in the middle of their fight to stop them from exchanging the ugly war of words.

Taking control of the situation, Bigg Boss announces to everyone to gather in the hall room. It announces that such behaviour will not be tolerated inside the house and punishes them for physically hurting each other.