Bigg Boss 13 contestants Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla’s romance in the house is not going very well with the viewers. The netizens have slammed the makers of the show for showing ‘cheap romance’ on the show and only showing five minutes of BB Elite Club task where Shehnaaz and Asim Riaz competed with each other. The audience are not pleased with her ongoing romance with Siddharth and they even wondered if they are watching Bigg Boss or the dating reality show Splitsvilla.

One Twitterati tweeted, “Only AsimRiaz Deserves!! And Yea Please for god sake stop your third class Splitsvilla. You’re breaking record of Splitsvilla.” Yet another viewer commented, “What is Level of @biggboss? Such a cheap Romance ! Its Official Splitsvilla Now ! .Kya Ho gaya He Show ko ?”

Another user wrote, “Kya nautanki hai ye last 5 min elite club dikhaya aur pure ep mein gandagi filthy dirty romance. Shame. Government should take an action against this. Every age group watches this and they are getting cheaper and cheaper!”

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Earlier, Shehnaaz Gill confesses her love to Siddharth Shukla and threatens him that if anybody tries to come between them, she will not leave that person. She also reveals that she is not here to win the show but to win the Dil Se Dil Tak actor. She hugs him and clings to Siddharth and he tries to keep her away but to no avail. It looks like that Salman Khan’s warning to Siddharth Shukla about Shehnaaz Gill is coming out to be true.

Salman also entered the house following Shehnaaz’s problematic behaviour. The actor made her understood how her persistent behaviour makes her look foolish than cute. Salman told Shehnaaz that she has to find her own way of dealing situations in a better way and be in control of her mind and heart everytime something hurts her.