In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, viewers will see a high-octane drama between Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai once again. In the promo video shared by Colors, Asim can be seen dictating some of the new rules in the house as a captain. He says that no one will fight in the house, Paras-Mahira will not stay together. He further asks inmates to freeze and then asks them to blow the balloons. He also announces that anyone who will not abide by the rules will get punishment and will be sent to jail.

The drama begins when Asim tells Siddharth that he is not resting for the last two hours so he is physically fine to play the game. To which, Rashami tells Asim, “T-shirt v shirt pehnao. Itna health par mat jao.”

This does not go well with Siddharth and he asks Asim, “Yeh aapki naukrani hai? Kaun hai yeh aapki? Yeh zabaan hai teri? Teri assistant hai. Achha.” Asim then asks Siddharth ro talk properly and call him ‘badtameez’. However, Vikas Gupta feels that everyone in the house poke Siddharth and are always targeting him.

Later, Arhaan goes to Siddharth and asks him if he talks like this at his home and he answers, “Ghar pe meri aisi ladkiyaan nahi hai.” This statement makes Rashami lose her cool and she asks Siddharth to tell her what type of girl he thinks she is. This leads to a huge fight between Rashami and Siddharth. Later, Arhaan also warns him to not talk to Rashami like this and they even get into a fight.

Now, the fans of Siddharth Shukla have once again shown the support to the Dil Se Dil Tak actor and trended the hashtag #SidSeTeriFatiKya while Rashami fans are calling her #SherniRashami.

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One user tweeted, “Why are everyone bashing on Rashmi for talking about sid’s mom?? #SiddharthShukla said to #RashamiDesai Nokrani and cheap for cooking food And Rashmi replied : yours mom also cools food? Is she Nokrani?? THIS WAS THE BEST ANSWER OF THE DECADE Proud to be Rashamian #BB13.”

Another user wrote, “In Bigg Boss  :One VS all Outside Bigg boss:One Fandom VS All @sidharth_shukla #SidSeTeriFatiKya.”

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Meanwhile, Mahira and Paras have publically accepted their love for each other. In the latest promo, Mahira Sharma tells Shehnaz Gill not to come between her and Paras Chhabra’s bond and relationship. She seriously warns Shehnaz to stay away from Paras as she loves him. Mahira confesses her love for Paras and doesn’t want Shehnaz around him anymore. “Clear words mein bol rahi hu ab isse door rahe, pyar hai mujhe”, Mahira shouts on Shehnaz and then kisses her and Paras kisses her back. Mahra continues, “Mujhe close close bolke tune wohi kia jot ere dil mein tha”.