Just a day after 24-year-old Arjun Bharadwaj committed suicide in Mumbai after streaming his act on Facebook Live video from the Taj Lands End hotel in Bandra, there is news of a similar incident from south India. Bigg Boss 4 Kannada winner and actor M Pratham aka Olle Huduga Pratham attempted suicide on Wednesday, April 5. Pratham reportedly went live on Facebook from his home at Basaveshwar Nagar and announced that he was going to kill himself, as he felt humiliated by comments that a friend from the industry had made on him on social media. Pratham went live and spoke to his followers after consuming sleeping pills. He even said that he was quite upset the way there were rumours about his career and personal life. He said he was attempting suicide because of the misunderstanding between him and his friend Lokesh. Later, Lokesh said that Pratham manhandled him during an argument and that he had filed a police complaint.

It seems these rumours affected Pratham adversely. Around 5 am on April 5, Pratham went online and the video was live on Facebook for over 20 minutes. He apologised to people for taking this drastic step. Thankfully, within no time, Pratham was rushed to hospital in Nagarabhavi and treatment was started immediately. A source close to Pratham revealed to a newspaper that the Bigg Boss 4 Kannada winner tried to file a complaint about a missing laptop and hard disk, which had his yet-to-be-released directorial debut venture called Devrawne Budu Guru.

The main lead in the film and Pratham’s close friend Akul Balaji was of the opinion, “When one sees fame overnight, it becomes tough to deal with it. We have seen the case of Rajesh of Halli Haida Pyaatege Banda fame, where he couldn’t deal with the failure that followed the sudden success. This is something anyone needs to be prepared for, for showbiz brings with it both the good and the bad. I’ve always told Pratham that the Bigg Boss winner tag won’t last forever and he needs to be ready for everything. I am yet to meet him, but have been inquiring about his well-being.”

In this live video posted on his official page, Pratham reportedly said, “I am disturbed a lot due to harassment from Lokesh. I am not able to bear the torture of Lokesh. I am yet to receive prize amount from the TV channel but many people are asking me when I am planning to distribute that money to the needy people. I have received the cheque only now and I do not wish to keep a single penny to myself.” He also showed the cheque and passbook of his account, explaining that his friend Lokesh had misused his name and is trying to ruin his reputation. He also said, “Anything that I do is being wrongly projected. I cannot take it anymore. This will be my final Facebook Live video and sorry If I have hurt anyone.”

Before ending the live video, Pratham spoke a monetary issue regarding an event. He said, “They are claiming that I demanded Rs 60,000 to attend an event organised by an orphanage, which is not true. Even a status updated on my Facebook page is being interpreted in a wrong way. I never imagined committing suicide in my life, but these people are not letting me lead a peaceful life. At least let my death become a lesson for you all.”

Police says that Pratham took only a few pills that did not damage him much and that he is now out of danger. Police is now thinking about filling a case under IPC 309 (for attempted suicide) against him. As now attempting suicide has been decriminalised by the Mental Healthcare Bill passed by the Parliament last week. But still the bill needs to get the President’s assent to become law. Pratham’s contestant on Bigg Boss 4 Kannada, Niranjan Deshpande said, “We all knew he did a lot of drama in the (Bigg Boss) house, but didn’t know he would stoop so low. Anyone who commits suicide, will not announce it to the whole world.”

Pratham’s friends said that he is stable now but there are various rumours which state that the suicide act was a publicity stunt by him. “Pratham will do anything for publicity, but I don’t know if this act was also for publicity. If he is done this to gain attention, it’s wrong,” said, Bhuvan Ponanna, another Bigg Boss 4 Kannada contestant said. Pratham won the Kannada Bigg Boss 4 three months back and later signed two Kannada movies.