Bigg Boss has been entertaining us ever since ages. However, the eighth season of Bigg Boss 8 has clearly hit a rough patch. Be it romantic link-ups or catfights in the house, the show makers have been constantly trying to add some masala to the show, but have failed miserably. We bring to you top five reasons why you should stop watching Big Boss 8 and utilize your time in doing something resourceful.

 Uninteresting episodes:

Expectations were at the peak as everyone awaited the start of the eighth season of Bigg Boss. However, within first two weeks of the start of the show, all hopes were dashed as Bigg Boss 8 turned out to be the least entertaining of all the previous seasons.

Gautam Gulati’s draamebaazi:

Ever since the eighth season of Bigg Boss started, TV actor Gautam Gulati’s attention seeking tactics have been the talk of the town. Be it for holding hands with Daindra Soares during the start of the show or for sharing the same bed with Sonali Raut; the actor has been hogging all the limelight right from the start. Gautam had his first ever fight on the show with Karishma Tanna and the fight took an ugly turn when Tanna dragged the issue way too much. The issue was blown out of proportion as all the Bigg Boss 8 contestants turned against Gulati in spite of his apologies to Karishma. The 29-year-old actor recently had a heated conversation with Upen Patel on the show. Clearly, the actor has made more enemies than friends on the show and his unending attention seeking tactics create huge commotions inside the madhouse. While the actor has been looked down upon by the inmates, we wonder why the draamebaaz is still not voted out. (READ: Bigg Boss 8: Will Gautam Gulati make it to the finale?)

Minissha Lamba is out!

Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba, we feel, was the one and only honest inmate apart from Praneet Bhat. The bubbly actress always tried to maintain peace and cordial relationship with everyone. While everyone is trying to indulge into dirty politics and play the ‘game,’ the fifth person who just got eliminated from Bigg Boss 8 was one genuine person on the show.

Puneet Issar is two-faced:

Puneet Issar, who portrays to be a double dholki, or maybe is one in real life; we are bored and tired of his double standards. Its high time he takes a stand for something for once!

No Shanti Dynamite!

British pornstar Shanti Dynamite was supposedly entering the glass-walled house as the next wild card entry in the previous week. But that seemed to be more of a publicity stunt to garner more TRPs. If not, then why isn’t the show coming up with some concrete news of having her on the show? The entry of Shanti Dynamite in the Bigg Boss 8 house will definitely add the oomph factor which has been missing from the show!  (READ: Bigg Boss 8: Where the hell is British pornstar Shanti Dynamite?)