Excitement and curiosity is mounting amongst fans as the winner of the high voltage reality show Bigg Boss 8 is to be announced tonight. While everyone is expecting Gautam Gulati to win, there are strong chances of Karishma Tanna also to bag the title. The sneak peek of tonight’s finale episode shows that Dabanng actress Sonakshi Sinha enters the house and declares that RJ Pritam is OUT! While Tanna, Ali, Dimpy and Gautam Gulati are seen holding hands, the video shows Pritam leaves their hand and is about to leave. Well, this is just the glimpse of the episode and we are sure that there must be a twist to the tale!

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While speculations are being made that Gautam might win the current season of Bigg Boss, we wonder if history would repeat itself and one of the ladies might just be crowned as the winner. Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale, happening on January 31, is one of the most anticipated events of the year on television. After surviving in the madhouse for four long months, Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh along with wild card entrants Ali Quli Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan finally entered the finale week battling politics and groupism in the house.

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