Bigg Boss Tamil debuted on June 25, 2017, and the reality show has already had many controversies and confessions in its two weeks of air time. Having witnessed four exits already, Bigg Boss Tamil has had some rather shocking revelations on the show. Hosted by Kamal Haasan, the Tamil version of the famous western reality TV show, Big Brother has 15 celebrities from the industry living together and trying to survive in the tense environment. From the budding romance between Aarav and Oviya to the continued banter between Julie, Harathi and Gayathri, the house is full of action and here is your guide to all the controversies and revelations made on the show. Kamal Haasan launches Bigg Boss Tamil TV Show trailer, makes sly remark on Aamir Khan!

The first week in the Bigg Boss Tamil house saw Anuya Bhagvath finally opening up about the leaked nude pictures and videos that were allegedly shared online by Suchitra Karthik. The actress once again came to the limelight after through the show, however, struggled to make a connection with the people as well as the audience. However, despite all the struggles, the actress was nominated for eliminations along with the Jallikattu protestor, Juliana & Sri Ram. The first week saw two evictions and was comparatively normal as housemates were still warming up to each other. However, the tension ahs been escalating and with contestants breaking down and leaving the house without evictions. Here are some of the controversies from the Bigg Boss Tamil House till date.

1. Anuya Bhagvath asked for sexual favours?

Anuya Bhagvath’s short-lived stay in the Bigg Boss house was extremely controversial for various reasons. After having her nudes allegedly leaked online, the actress kept a low-key profile on the show and tried to move forwards. However, a report on Bollywoodwallah claimed that the actress mulled over suicide on a WhatsApp chat. The alleged conversation of the actress left people shocked, and her eviction from the Bigg Boss house did not lessen the controversies surrounding Anuya. According to an IndiaScribes report, the actress allegedly claimed to have been asked for sexual favours inside the Bigg Boss house. While Anuya is yet to open up about these rumours and controversies, these media reports made sure that she was the talk of the town for her stay at the Bigg Boss Tami House.

2. Julie being harassed by Harathi and Gayathri

While it is common for Bigg Boss housemates to make fun of each other, the south Indian version of the show has contestants who took things to a different level. Bigg Boss contestants, Harathi and Gayathri openly harassed and made fun of Julie on every single occasion just for the sake of it. While this verbal comments and jibes began a long time ago, Julie has finally started responding to their teasing comments and finally lost her cool in the second week of the show. Julie was seen crying her balls out after finally having enough of the bullying, and some housemates could not help but sympathise with her.

3. Bharani has a history with women?

The second week of Bigg Boss saw comedy artist Ganja Karuppu leaving the office and left the housemates rather shocked, as most of the housemates expected for Bharani to leave the show. However, housemate Gayathri, who has had various clashes with the Tamil actor, made some accusations that shocked everyone. The South Indian actress was seen convincing other housemates to state that Bahrani had a rough past with women and also stated that she doesn’t feel safe around him. While Bharani and Gayathri have had various verbal banters in the past two weeks, these accusations and rumours seem to have fuelled after the shocking eviction of Ganja Karuppu. Bharani, who seems to have had enough with the Bigg Boss house and tried to jump a wall to escape, after pleading Bigg Boss to let him out. This rowdy behaviour ended with Bharani finally walking out of the house on Day 15 and the Bigg Boss House contestants were reduced to just 11.

4. Aarav & Oviya’s love story

Amidst all these negative controversies and rumours that created a lot of drama, there were some happy moments inside the house, thanks to Aarav and Oviya. Aarav has been hitting on the beautiful actress, and the two have been flirting around the house since the beginning. However, the second week saw the couple enjoying some alone time and talking about many things. The two have been enjoying a lot of screen time with their flirting sessions, and Oviya confessed about her feelings for the Indian model. In the last episode, they both are seen agreeing to remain just good friends in the show, and their chemistry has been making people smile.

While the controversies around Bigg Boss Tamil may make people feel like the show is too much drama, there are various fun moments in the show thanks to the contestants imitating each other and jokingly commenting on the annoying habits of one another. Fifteen days in, Bigg Boss Tamil is clearly gaining popularity and is opening various paths for shaping the reality TV Shows in the South.