Bihar Board is generally in the news for all the wrong reasons, like for cheating in exams and ‘fake’ toppers who are actually 42 years old but masquerade as 21 years old. This time once again the education board is in the spotlight and no not for any good reasons either. This time it has flunked a Class 10 student who insisted that she had done much better than the marks that were accorded to her. Later, the officials also tried to pass off some other student’s answer sheets as the girl’s but were caught by the High Court. Now the Bihar School Education board has been ordered by the high court to pay a heavy compensation of Rs. 5 lakh to Priyanka Singh from Saharsa, a district in north Bihar after it was proved that she had scored 80 percent in science and 61 in Sanskrit.

Priyanka Singh, a student of Class 10 was left devastated when the results were declared this year, the board had failed her in two subjects Science and Sanskrit and awarded her only 29 and 4 marks in the subjects respectively. Priyanka Singh who is a student of a government-run DD High School felt that there must have been a mistake and she quickly applied for revaluation. However, she received a shock when she was once again failed in the two subjects. Her marks in the Sanskrit paper rose from 4 to 9 but science paper marks got reduced from 29 to 7.

Not one to back down and feel miserable about her fate, she approached the Patna High Court. The court was not very forthcoming about the case and told the student to first deposit Rs. 40,000 in the court and warned her that she would lose the money if the court found that the case was a frivolous one. However, Priyanka Singh was sure of herself that her exams had gone well and she did not deserve such low marks. Once she deposited the money the court ordered the school board to produce her answer sheets. Fortunately for Priyanka, the court found that the handwriting on the answer sheet did not match with Priyanka’s writing and demanded that the actual answer sheet is produced in front of the court.

Finally, when her answer sheets were produced it was found that the girl had scored 80 marks in Science and 61 in Sanskrit. The court also awarded her Rs. 5 lakhs as compensation and directed the education board to set up an inquiry into the case. The Bihar Education Board officials said that the mix-up in her marks was caused due to an error due caused by the barcoding of answer sheets.