Until now there had been many advertisements featuring celebrities asking to save electricity in the country. But this new initiative is going to be the cutest ‘Save Electricity’ campaign you would have ever seen. In this video by the PMO India, kids are seen teaching elders the importance of saving electricity. The anthem shows how  the future generation of the country is worried about the extra consumption of electricity by people.

They are seen inculcating the practice of using natural means and saving electricity for a better future for the nation. Bijli Bachao, Desh Banao is an adorable ad by the government of India, this is one of the first times, such a creative anthem has been made as a part of a social initiative. The kids in the ad are seen fulfilling their duties thus becoming role models for them.

With peppy music and simple yet catchy lyrics, this ad shows the bit a person can do save electricity for the upcoming generation.

Watch the video below