Throwback pictures are the new trend, and various pages on social media enjoy sharing rare unseen pictures from the past. One such picture of a young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went viral on the internet, but alas it was fake! The picture which was shared by History In Pictures which is known for their unique clicks received a lot of spat and criticism as people realised that the black and white image which was allegedly from June 1973 was actually from an episode of Drake and Josh! Twitter was quick to roast the page for the inaccurate photo and came up with hilarious memes and jokes to roast the source. Buy Apple iPhone 4S for USD 149999 on Ebay! The Broken iPhone 4s is Steve Jobs Special Edition.

The internet is full of fake news and hoaxes. However, the picture of the famous nerds from Drake and Josh being edited to look like an old school picture of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs saw hilarious reactions including unseen pictures of everything from the iPhone to the telegram. While some sensible netizens hoped that it was just a plain joke, others began to unfollow the famous page. The black and white picture of Craig and Eric from the popular 90s show was captioned “Young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs pose for a picture (June 1973).”

The picture was tweeted out less than 12 hours ago and has already received 1866 re-tweets and 4093 likes, but the viral picture was called out soon enough, and various other stills of Drake and Josh was also shared online. This episode of another internet hoax going viral gave us some rather funny jokes that will tickle your funny bone! Here are the best of jokes and memes on the alleged Bill Gates and Steve Jobs picture!

Joke? Who Joke?

Gates and Jobs was such a hilarious show!

Some more rare pictures but in colour!

The first iPhone was rather bulky

Somethings never change!

Calling out the …

And finally the blunder summarised in a GIF

The cases of internet hoaxes are on the rise in the recent times. Whether it is the death hoax of perfectly healthy celebrities ranging from Amitabh Bachchan to rowan Atkinson or the news of young teenagers like Harshit Sharma bagging shocking offers from multi-nationals, the internet is full of fake news. And even as we enjoy reading and laughing at some of them, it is high time we became responsible citizens and checked the facts before spreading the hoax! This picture of Gates and Jobs aka Craig and Eric is the perfect reminder of silly pictures that can be twisted around to make the fake news!