Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Hathaway’s chairman Warren Buffett were recently in Ohana for a Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting. The duo hitchhiked from the meetings to visit a restaurant Dairy Queen centre for some lunch and to get some restaurant training. In the viral video, they can be seen in proper restaurant hats and aprons, and actually served ice creams to the customers.

The video is all over the internet and has won over millions of hearts. It was shared by Microsoft founder Bill Gates at his Twitter account saying “Warren and I recently picked up a @DairyQueen shift. I think I may have been a quicker study in the Blizzard department, but watch the video below and judge for yourself:”

Watch the video here:


Netizens have this to say:


In Bill Gates blog, he mentioned that every Blizzard is served upside down. It is a surprising piece of fast food performance art to prove that each treat is so thick it will defy gravity.

“Thinking differently and celebrating an upside-down philosophy runs deep in the DQ system,” is how one Dairy Queen executive once explained the practice.

The same could be said of the genius of Dairy Queen’s owner, Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway empire acquired the restaurant chain in 1998.