Huiyang: A man in China got the shock of his life after a family of cockroaches were discovered to be inhabiting in his ear. It all started when 24-year-old Lv, woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain inside his ear and asked one of his family members to check what was causing the discomfort.

When the family member spotted something moving inside his ear, he advised him to go to the doctor. After the check-up, the doctors told him that he had cockroaches living inside his ear. Not one or two but a whole family of cockroaches!

ENT specialist Zhong Yijin recalled: “He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort. I discovered more than 10 cockroach babies inside. They were already running around.”

Yijin said he removed the babies with a tweezer and also found the “mother” cockroach and was also able to remove her. The newly hatched cockroaches were small and lighter in colour than their black and brown mother, the hospital said.

Although all the cockroaches were removed from Lv’s ear, he suffered some damage to his canal. However, he was discharged from the hospital on the same day with just an ointment.

So, how did it happen? Well, the the hospital’s head of ENT, said that Lv had a habit of leaving unfinished food packets near his bed, attracting parasites such as cockroaches. He also advised to maintain household hygiene to avoid such bizarre occurences.